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Try this easy pickled Brussels sprouts recipe at home ready in just a couple of days, or preserve for months and enjoy throughout the year. Eat these tangy, crunchy Brussels sprouts right out of the jar or serve on a charcuterie cheese board at your next gathering.

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Pickled Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Are you in the love or hate camp when it comes to Brussels sprouts? To be honest, it has only been about 5 years since I changed my tune from hate to love when eating Brussels sprouts.

I grew up eating what we called, “little cabbages” but I never liked them. I found the stench while cooking turned my stomach sour.

It wasn’t until I started experimenting with different ways to cook baby cabbages myself to appreciate how tasty Brussels sprouts are.

My favorite method is to roast all vegetables, including Brussels sprouts. I also like to steam them.

The dense nutty flavor is satisfying and pairs well with lots of main dishes.

In addition to the traditional way of serving Brussels sprouts, pickled is perfect to serve as an appetizer or just snack on (my personal favorite).

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How To Pickle Vegetables

I kept this recipe simple, so hopefully you don’t need to run to the store for any ingredients. As noted below I use black peppercorn, mustard seeds, bay leaves, garlic and red pepper flakes for pickled spices.

However, feel free to add additional spices to change the flavor profile to include a few more spices.

Additional spices to consider; dill seeds, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, allspice berries and cloves.

In addition, this same recipe can be used to pickle a variety of vegetables like carrots, green beans, asparagus, cucumbers, onions, beets. The list is endless!

Let me know if you try any additional spices. I’m always experimenting with what I have on hand.

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Pickled Spice Ingredients:

  • Brussels sprouts – You will need about 1 – 1 1/2 pounds or about 20-24 similar sized Brussels sprouts.
  • White vinegar and water – You can use cider vinegar or a mix of vinegars. Note that cider vinegar will give you a tint of amber color.
  • Kosher salt
  • Peppercorns
  • Mustard seeds
  • Bay leaves
  • Garlic cloves – the fresher the better!
  • Red Pepper flakes – double up the amount if you like an extra heat. The amount in the recipe adds flavor, not heat.

Equipment needed:

  • Steamer
  • Mason jar (24 ounce) – I use one large jar, but this can easily be divided into smaller jars. Make sure the mouth is wide to fit the Brussels sprouts.
  • Small saucepan
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Steps To Make Pickled Brussels Sprouts

Once you make this recipes and taste how delicious pickled brussels sprouts are you are going to be inspired to pickle all types of vegetables.

Step 1 – Clean and Slice

The first step is to prepare the brussels sprouts by washing them and removing any loose or bruised leaves.

Once you have clean sprouts, cut the core leaving about 1/4 inch to ensure the whole head does not fall apart.

Then slice the brussels sprouts in half.

Alternatively, you could leave the spouts whole. I find it easier to eat right out of the jar when they are in smaller bite size pieces.

Also, the brine penetrates through the sprouts easier when they are cut, which lets you enjoy these babies in just 24 hours.

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Step 2 – Steam

Now that the Brussels sprouts have been prepared it is time to cook them, just slightly so that the texture remains crunchy.

As I mentioned, my favorite way to cook and eat Brussels sprouts is roasted or lightly braised similar to my maple glazed Brussels sprouts recipe.

Another common way to cook Brussels sprouts is to boil them, which I find emits the most awful sulfur smell that penetrates throughout the house.

For this recipe I steam the Brussel sprouts for just 10 minutes, and I didn’t notice an offensive smell. WIN!

Once the Brussel sprouts are cooked, plunge them in cold water to stop the cooking process.

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Step 3 – Simmer Vinegar Mix

In a separate small sauce pan bring the vinegar, water, and kosher salt to a soft boil just until the salt dissolves. Set aside.

Step 4 – Add Pickled Spices

Now you want to add the remaining spices to the Mason jar.

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Step 5 – Add Sprouts

Next, add the prepared Brussels Sprouts to the Mason jar(s).

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Step 6 – Add Warm Vinegar

Top pickled Brussels sprouts with warm vinegar-water-salt solution.

Use a long thin tool like a plastic chopstick to poke around the jar giving room for all the sprouts to get immersed in the vinegar mix.

Cover and refrigerate. Let the flavors develop for at least a day before enjoying.

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How To Store Pickled Brussels Sprouts

Keep pickled Brussels Sprouts in a covered jar. Pickled vegetables will last refrigerated for 5-6 months.

Canning Brussel Sprouts

To preserve pickled Brussels sprouts, I recommend the water bath canning method. You can follow step by step instructions at The Spruce Eats.

Properly preserved Brussels sprouts stored in a cool dark place will last for up to two years.

Did You Miss the Sugar In The Recipe?

No. I purposely did not add any sugar to the pickled Brussels sprouts recipe. I like the tart flavor and added a little more water to cut the sharp flavor.

However, if you would like to experiment by adding sugar to sweeten the flavor profile, then add it to the saucepan.

Simmer until it dissolves with the other ingredients.

Let me know if you added sugar and how much you used!

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More Brussels Sprouts Recipes To Try

Love this recipe? Be sure to check out these dishes too!

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Easy Pickled Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Tangy crunchy pickled Brussels sprouts with spices that are commonly found in your kitchen. This easy recipe steams then preserves the Brussels sprouts in a vinegar brine mix. Perfect addition to a charcuterie board.

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Course: Appetizer

Cuisine: American

Keyword: appetizer, brine, brussels sprouts, canning, keto, low carb, pickled, vegetables

Prep Time: 10 minutes minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes minutes

Additional Time: 1 day day

Total Time: 1 day day 20 minutes minutes

Servings: 24 ounces

Calories: 3kcal

Author: Sandra Sandra


  • 1 – 1 1/2 pounds about 20-24 Brussels sprouts
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons Kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon peppercorns
  • 1 teaspoon mustard seeds
  • 4 garlic cloves sliced
  • 2 Bay leaves
  • 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes


  • Wash Brussels sprouts under cool water and let drain in a colander.

  • Remove loose leaves and any bruised leaves.

  • Cut core 1/4" from bottom of each sprout.

  • In a medium size pan with a steamer insert bring about 1" of water to a boil.

  • Place Brussels sprouts in pan, cover and reduce heat to a simmer. Steam for 10 minutes.

  • Rinse hot Brussels sprouts under cold water or plunge in an ice bath. Drain well.

  • In a small sauce pan over medium heat add vinegar, water and Kosher salt. Bring to a rolling soft boil just until the salt dissolves. Remove from heat.

  • In a clean 24 ounce Mason jar add peppercorns, mustard, sliced garlic, bay leaves and red pepper.

  • Add prepared Brussels sprouts to the Mason jar leaving about 3/4" room from the top of the jar.

  • Fill jar with vinegar brine solution. Cover and refrigerate.

  • Enjoy after 24 hours or let sit for several days for the flavors to penetrate longer.


Serving: 1Sprout | Calories: 3kcal | Sodium: 177mg


Please note that the nutritional information provided are guidelines and may vary based on the brand of products used. For your specific nutritional goals use My Fitness Pal or Verywell Fit recipe calculators. All content within this site is not intended as medical diagnosis or treatment and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical expertise.


Easy Pickled Brussels Sprouts Recipe | The Foodie Affair (14)
Easy Pickled Brussels Sprouts Recipe | The Foodie Affair (2024)


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