Understanding Orders of Protection (2024)

An Order of Protection is a legal document issued by a judge to protect an individual from stalking, domestic abuse, or sexual assault. There are two types of personal protection orders, each with its own set of safeguards and legal implications. These orders are intended to provide a guarantee of safety by law against a spouse or partner and are only dismissible by the court.

Reasons for Dismissing an Order of Protection

An Order of Protection can be dismissed for various reasons, all of which require a legal process and evaluation by a judge. The reasons for dismissal may include settled differences between the parties, changes in the behavior of the target, considerations related to children, participation in counseling programs, and achieving sobriety after substance abuse or alcohol addiction.

Settled Differences

One scenario for dismissing an Order of Protection arises when the situation between the parties has changed. While the order may have been reasonable at the time of issuance, the behavior of the target may have softened, indicating a potential for reconciliation.

Considerations for Children

In cases where children are involved, the judge may consider dismissing the order if it is believed that the reasons for dismissal are valid. This may involve removing certain safeguards to allow for visitation rights, while still stipulating no abusive behavior.

Participation in Counseling Programs

Another scenario for dismissal involves the target's participation in counseling programs, demonstrating a marked improvement in behavior. This could include domestic violence counseling and therapy, with documented evidence of attendance and behavioral changes.

Achieving Sobriety

Substance abuse or alcohol addiction could have been a reason for the initial issuance of the Order of Protection. However, attending drug or alcohol rehabilitation and achieving sobriety can serve as evidence for dismissal. Testimony or letters from therapists and counselors can corroborate this improved behavior.

Dismissing an Order of Protection

The process of dismissing an Order of Protection can be initiated by either party, but it ultimately requires reasons and arguments to be presented before the court. Without criminal charges involved, the process is somewhat less complicated, but it still necessitates proper legal filings and court hearings.

Options for Dismissal

The options for dismissal include filing a motion to dissolve, a motion to modify, or an appeal. The court reviews and considers these motions, and a hearing may be scheduled based on the circ*mstances and arguments presented.

Final Thoughts

An Order of Protection carries serious legal implications and can be difficult to dismiss. However, with valid reasons and proper legal procedures, it is possible to have the order dismissed. Whether due to settled differences, changes in behavior, participation in counseling programs, or achieving sobriety, the court has the authority to evaluate and dismiss an Order of Protection, ensuring that the petitioner is protected while also considering the circ*mstances of the target.

Understanding Orders of Protection (2024)


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