Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk fight updates, results as Ukrainian seals undisputed greatness with split decision victory | Sporting News (2024)

Oleksandr Usyk was crowned undisputed heavyweight champion via split decision after an enthralling high-quality battle with Tyson Fury in the Saudi Arabian capital ofRiyadh.

The clash between WBC champion Fury (34-1-1, 24 KOs) and IBF, WBA and WBO ruler Usyk (22-0, 14 KOs) marked the first time two men have met for all the major belts in boxing's glamour division since Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield clashed across two colossal bouts in 1999.

Usyk and Fury can look forward to meeting for a second time in a rematch later this year after the Ukrainian hero backed up his four-belt domination of the cruiserweight division with more of the same at heavyweight. He earned verdicts of 115-112 and 114-113 on the scorecards, with one judge awarding the fight to Fury by the latter margin. The Sporting News scored the contest 114-113 to Usyk.

The decisive moment of high drama arrived in round nine when Usyk separated Fury from his senses with a crunching left hook. The Gypsy King could easily have been stopped as he reeled around the ring under the follow-up assault and Usyk scored the knockdown.

As he famously did against Deontay Wilder, Fury showed incredible powers of recovery but this time they could now spare his undefeated record.

WATCH:Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk, live globallyon DAZN|MORE:Full card schedule and results from Fury vs. Usyk

After prolonged introductions, during which Usyk was laser-focused in traditional Ukrainian military regalia and Fury danced to Barry White and Bonnie Tyler, the smaller man made the more authoritative start. Usyk took the centre of the ring and put shots together to press Fury back.

The Gypsy King started to time his man’s advances by round three, while a sustained commitment to uppercuts to the body appeared to be paying early dividends.

Fury was relaxed, languid and enjoying his boxing behind a beautifully varied jab. Usyk had fallen behind by halfway and needed to recalibrate. Fortunately, he happens to be one of the very best in this regard.

Round eight turned the tables. A hook and then an overhand left had Fury discomforted and bleeding from the nose. In the next session, he longed for mere discomfort. A clattering left hook sent Fury’s eyes spinning and robbed him of adequate control of his legs.

Referee Mark Nelson could have stopped it but instead gave Fury an eight-count as the ropes held him up. It arguably robbed Usyk of one of the greatest heavyweight title moments of all time. He’ll just have to be content with being one of the greatest fighters to have ever done it. It’s a pretty good deal.


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Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk live updates, highlights, and commentary

Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk: SN live scorecard


Oleksander Usyk wins by majority decision 115-112, 114-113, 113-114!!!!

The former undisputed cruiserweight champion becomes the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. What an incredible achievement, who is one of the all-time greats. Fury doesn't like the decision, which is fair enough to a point. On the other hand, he was lucky to ever escape from round nine. Incredible from Usyk. Bring on the rematch.

Round 12:All on this then. On my card, Fury needs a knockdown for the draw. But it's close, really close. Usyk scores with the left, then an uppercut. Fury finds his jab again. He needs more of that. Usyk marching Fury down now, big left hands. Not bad for a "middleweight". The Gypsy King gets a counter right off. Ohh, a lead right hook from Usyk staggers Fury, who comes back with a big right of his own. They both look hurt. Left and a right from Fury, beautiful work. Usyk looks to put his foot down. it's going to the wire. They wail away. That was fantastic. Let's do it again in October, whatever these cards say.

SN unofficial scorecard: Fury 113-114 Usyk

Round 11:Usyk continues to stalk a still-groggy Usyk. He responds with a nice counter right, but Usyk is attacking in threes and fours. Right hook from Usyk backs Fury up into the ropes. And then a whipping right lead. Just to make sure, he finishes the round with a booming overhand left.

SN unofficial scorecard: Fury 103-105 Usyk

Round 10: CanUsyk close the show. Fury has powers of recovery like no other heavyweight so he has to be surgical. Fury gets his jab back going again. It's a fine insurance policy but Usyk detonates a left over the top of it. Usyk wins the round but has he let him off the hook?

SN unofficial scorecard: Fury 94-95 Usyk

Round 9:Fury's nose is a mess. He looks to go back to Usyk's body but he's understandably a little more disorganised than he was a couple of rounds ago. Usyk goes upstairs, changes the levels, now a short, chopping hook to Fury's jaw. He did wear a body shot in the middle of all that though, which looks to have ended the assault. Fury lands a lovely right on the retreat.Huge left hook from Usyk! Fury is all over the place!His eyes are all over the place, his legs have deserted him.The referee deems the ropes are keeping Fury up and give an eight count!

SN unofficial scorecard: Fury 85-85 Usyk

Round 8:Lively opening to this session as Usyk walks onto a couple of clubbing shots and responds with a three-punch combination. This is more assertive from Usyk, who is back on the front foot. Ah, there's the Fury upercut to the body, but this time Usyk comes back with a left hook upstairs. Great action. Another beautifully timed overhand left from Usyk. Fury paws at his nose. And a right over the top now. Fury is cut around the right eye and bleeding from the nose. Drama!

SN unofficial scorecard: Fury 77-75 Usyk

Round 7:Can Usyk find a response. A man of his calibre must be offended by how frequently he's getting tagged by uppercuts. He lands a left to Fury's torso but the bigger man response with a bigger right hand. Oh, Fury switches off and takes an overhand left across the chops. Usyk needed that encouragement.

SN unofficial scorecard: Fury 68-65 Usyk

Round 6: More of the same as Usyk gathers breath after a right uppercut to the body. Still the Ukrainian pursues hit man, but Fury's looser than before and now wobbles Usyk with a right.Big uppercut, Usyk is hurt!Fury goes back to the body. Usyk looks to be in survival mode before firing back. Fury mocks him with his hands behind his back and clips Usyk at the bell. Big round for the Gypsy King.

SN unofficial scorecard: Fury 58-56 Usyk

Round 5: Usyk has a nick above his right eye. Doesn't look like a huge problem. Fury has the uppercut working and scores to the body, causing Usyk to retreat. Now Fury catches Usyk low, giving the referee the chance to say Usyk's cut was caused by a punch. That's been there for a while, chief. Almost all of Fury's work is downstairs at the moment and there's a swagger to him.

SN unofficial scorecard: Fury 48-47 Usyk

Round 4: Couple of nice body shots to start the round from Fury, who's into a nice rhythm now. He just slips a long Usyk left. Oh, and a right to the temple briefly appears to wobble Usyk. His pressure has just started to look like mid-range plodding, which is just what Fury will like. A thudding right uppercut from the Gypsy King, who raises his arms to taunt Usyk. He replies by letting his hands go in the neutral corner. He's making Fury work very hard but hasn't done enough to win that round.

SN unofficial scorecard: Fury 38-38 Usyk

Round 3:Again it's Usyk on the front foot but Fury is starting to time him with the jab and now a one-two. Left to the chin from Usyk that's partially blocked. Now an attempted right around the guard. The Gypsy King is so hard to nail clean. Fury's corner are calling for body shots as the two go into a clinch. Now the WBC champ gets through with a right and works nicely off the jab. Usyk flurries and then complains about getting hit behind the head.

SN unofficial scorecard: Fury 28-29 Usyk

Round 2: Usyk fires home a left hand off the jab. Great start to the round for the Ukrainian hero as his supporters chant his name. Now a right to the body as Fury goes on the back foot. The right jab to the body continues to work for the former unified cruiserweight champ. Fury responds with a nice stiff jab. He tried to follow another lead with an uppercut but is yet to find a home for his right hand. Another left to the chin from Usyk, not too much purchase on that one. Now he jabs the body, he's into a nice rhythm. A nice, meaty body shot in response form Fury, then shovels an uppercut into the ribs. Still Usyk comes forward. He's had another good round but Fury will be happy to be scoring to the body so soon.

SN unofficial scorecard: Fury 18-20 Usyk

Round 1:Usyk takes centre ring. Both have started looking sharp. Usyk gets a couple of rights through to Fury's torso. Fury jabs back to the body, tries an uppercut with those famously fast hands. The size difference really is ridiculous. Tyson gets some faints going, Usyk lands to the chest again and backs Fury into the corner, where the WBC champ embarks upon some kidology. More Usyk jabs to the body, Fury responds with one upstairs. There's another nice lead from Fury before Usyk gets off an overhand left and unloads a couple of hooks in the corner.

SN unofficial scorecard: Fury 9-10 Usyk

1:43a.m. AST/ 6:43p.m. ET: Michael Buffer winds up his big setpiece. LLLLEEEEETTTT'SSSS GET READY TO RUUUUMMBBLLLLLLLLEEEEE!!!!! Fury is first to the middle of the ring for the final instructions. He bounces on his toes. Now here's Usyk. Low-blow instructions from referee Mark Nelson. Maybe that will be significant. They touch gloves. Let's get it.

1:35a.m. AST/ 6:35p.m. ET: Fury coming out dancing to Barry White. A very different vibe. He was pensive and angry at the weigh-in but he looks like he's having the time of his life out there right now. And now Bonnie Tyler as we keep things contemporary. This is a supreme display of confidence via the medium of 1980s high school disco. Now he stalks straight over to Usyk, who has a bit of an Ivan Drago face on. That might be bad news for Morecambe's answer to Apollo Creed.


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1:28 a.m. AST/ 6:28 p.m. ET: Here comes Oleksandr Usyk. Looking laser-focused, clinically detached. He's in what looks like traditional Ukrainian military regalia, complete with the warmest hat anyone will have ever worn in the middle of the desert.

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1:23 a.m. AST/ 6:23 p.m. ET: We've now got US rapper J.I.D. doing his thing in a box that's been suspended above the ring. You've waited almost 25 years, right? This is fine. To be fair, it's quite the spectacle.

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1:05 a.m. AST/ 6:05 p.m. ET: So, here we are then. Almost 25 years after Lennox Lewis beat Evander Holyfield, after negotiations breaking down and the fightbeing rescheduled. Here we are. Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk are about to walk to the ring to contest the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world. A good big guy always beats a good small guy, right Tyson? But Usyk issogood. Had this fight been made in the afterglow of Fury's Deontay Wilder triumphs, he'd have been a clear favourite. But there's been stasis and potential decline since then. He looks in great shape but there are miles on the clock. Can Fury produce a performance to stand alongside his defining victories over Wilder and Wladimir Klitschko? The presence of Usyk in the other corner means he probably has to.

1999 ➡️ 2024

A first undisputed heavyweight champion in 25 years will be crowned tonight 👑#FuryUsyk | Live NOW on DAZN! Click link in bio to buy#RingOfFire | #RiyadhSeason | @Turki_alalshikh pic.twitter.com/sD0WKSWjuN

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Jai Opetaia beats Mairis Briedis by UD to win the IBF cruiserweight title

Opetaia gets it by fair margins of 117-111 and 116-112 (twice). Briedis made it interesting during the championship rounds but left himself with too much to do. Next up, we have a former IBF cruiserweight champion who also once fought Briedis...

نزال قوي بين الملاكمين ينتهي بفوز مستحق للملاكم أوبتايا بفئة الوزن المفتوح ويحصل على حزام IBF في #RingOfFire 🔥❤

A hard-fought fight between the fighters ends with a well-deserved victory for the fighter Opetaia in the open weight class, and he wins the IBF belt at Ring Of Fire… pic.twitter.com/Uq8BRUSZaO

— TURKI ALALSHIKH (@Turki_alalshikh) May 18, 2024

Round 12: Big one-two from Briedis. Now a right hand. He knows he has to do this now. Opetaia is two minutes away from being a two-time IBF champion. Some excellent body work from Opetaiabut a thudding right steadies him by the ropes!Opetaia's head clears and he clips Briedis with a right. The Latvian hadn't boxed since the third fight. He's shaken off the ring rust a little too late. Opetaia will get this but what a thrilling late rally from the veteran. Trilogy?

SN unofficial scorecard: Opetaia 116-113 Briedis

Round 11: Briedis smells and sees blood. Opetaia retreats to the ropes and ships a big left, then anuppercut. Finally were back to that place they inhabited in the first fight, both men bleeding and vulnerable. Briedis must know he needs the stoppage. Nice shot from Opetaia off the ropes but that nose is really bothering him. It's bleeding into his mouth. Briedis looking for the short right hook, Opetaia picks a nice right in response. And a left on the move before his foe finds another uppercut.

SN unofficial scorecard: Opetaia 107-103 Briedis

Round 10: It's become a truly miserable assignment for Briedis, who is trudging forlornly after Opetaia. Oh, hang on, he's caught him there and Opetaia has a bloodied nose. Bruising is coming up beneath Opetaia's eyes took. Breidis looks to force the issue, but catches a monstrous left. Back comes Briedis and Opetaia looks hurt by an uppercut on the inside. What was a saying at the start of the round?

SN unofficial scorecard: Opetaia 98-93 Briedis

Round 9: Opetaia ends a lovely combination with a clipping right hook. Now he spears a left into Briedis' poor old nose. The blood flows again. Opetaia switches down stairs after another crisp right hook. Now some nice footwork. A mini-clinic of a round.

SN unofficial scorecard: Opetaia 89-83 Briedis

Round 8:Credit to the Briedis corner, because his nose is no longer gushing. Their man is still struggling to pull the trigger effectively, though. Or legally, that's a low blow.

SN unofficial scorecard: Opetaia 79-74 Briedis

Round 7: Opetaia walks onto a Briedis right. The veteran needs more of that. Opetaia is head hunting a little here when his previous approach was getting the job done. Briedis gets a one-two through the guard. Opetaia gets a backhand left through and switches shrewdly to the body.

SN unofficial scorecard: Opetaia 69-65 Briedis

Round 6:Oh, here we go, big left hand from Opetaia. And a follow-up assault. Briedis' nose is suddenly bleeding heavily that might be gone again. Now a sledgehammer right and a more artful left from Opetaia. Blood spraysfrom Briedis' face. That nose is surely broken.

SN unofficial scorecard: Opetaia 60-55 Briedis

Round 5: Opetaia looks to have garnered all the information he needs and is trying to close the distance a little more. A one-two from Briedis that might make him think twice. The sequel not living up to the original so far.

SN unofficial scorecard: Opetaia 50-46 Briedis

Round 4: Success for Breidis as he reminds Opetaia's jaw what that right hand feels like. The Australian gets himself back in control. A better round for Breidis but he gets caught on the way out again and isn't really making much of an impression.

SN unofficial scorecard: Opetaia 40-36 Briedis

Round 3: Briedis looking more assertive now, but he's sloppy at the end of an attack and Opetaia pings his head back with a sharp left. He looks stronger and quicker right now against an older fighter. Opetaia is also defensively on point and into a nice rhythm with his feet.

SN unofficial scorecard: Opetaia 30-27 Briedis

Round 2:Finally Briedis looks to open up in centre-ring. Opetaia blocks most of the attack and then catches Breidis with some lovely sharp shots on the retreat. Now a meaty backhand left. Now the champ pins his man in the red corner and drills in a short left hook. He looks the boss in there. although Briedis response with a right as Opetaia looks to slip out of range.

SN unofficial scorecard: Opetaia 20-18 Briedis

Round 1: Fencing behind the jab. It's tentative and exploratory from both men. We can allow it. After all, they literally broke one another's faces last time. Briedis scores with a right to the body but Opetaia is the busier of the two.

SN unofficial scorecard: Opetaia 10-9 Briedis

12:05 a.m. AST/ 5:05 p.m. ET:Final instructions done. The first fight between these two was an instant classic. Let's get it again!

11:55p.m. AST/ 4:55 p.m. ET:Just one fight to go until the big one then and it could be a cracker. Jai Opetaia suffered a double fracture of the jaw when he dethroned Mairis Briedis in July 2022. Two explosive knockout wins later and the undefeated Australian star is hot property. Usyk is a former cruiserweight champion looking to clear out the heavyweight division tonight. If he can take care of business in this rematch with Briedis for the IBF title, Opetaia will feel he remains on the path to do the same.

A day of history 🤝 @Turki_Alalshikh visits @Usykaa’s locker room ahead of #FuryUsyk. pic.twitter.com/hY8RbLXtkr

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11:42p.m. AST/ 4:42 p.m. ET: There'll be clamour for a rematch and it could be a stadium fight back in the UK. That shot that wobbled Cordina on the break definitely changed the whole complexion of the contest and referee Bob Williams did not have his best night. Still, Cacace's relentless tenacity from that point was something else. There was no escape for Cordina, who was out-landed 151-74en route to a shocking maiden career defeat.

Anthony Cacace stops Joe Cordina in eight rounds to win the IBF super featherweight title

Round 8:The same pattern continues. More punishment for Cordina by the ropes, Cacace can't miss with the uppercut. He swarms in againand it's waved off! Anthony Cacace is the IBF super featherweight champion at 35 years of age!A sensation in Riyadh!

Round 7: Thudding uppercut from Cacace. He wants to get this down now and will not leave Cordina alone on the ropes. The champion is slipping quite a lot and throwing back occasionally but the referee is having a close look. Counter-left from Cordina but he's taking so much in between his sporadic successes. He comes off the ropes and Cacace drops down to the body effectively. Nice right from Cordina before the bell and the two fighters exchange compliments.

SN unofficial scorecard: Cordina 64-68 Cacace

Round 6:Cordina begins this round flicking out the jab. Now some more nonsense on the break. The referee isn't having his best night. Cacace looks for a huge uppercut and ships a counter left. He's still looking to force the pace though, making it very uncomfortable for the champion. Uppercuts from Cacace on the inside before a couple of thudding rights to the top of the head. It's rough and ready and it's getting him halfway towards a world title. Cacace jab and then down to the bodyand he unloads on Cordina during the final 10 seconds.The upset is so, so on here!

SN unofficial scorecard: Cordina 55-58 Cacace

Round 5:A winging right hand from Cacace finds Cordina's jaw. By his usual standards, Cordina is too easy for Cacace to find here, maybe still feeling the effects of the knockdown. He's lost his gumshield now. Cacace is the boss once they resume. Brilliant shots from the Northern Irishman, with a left hook and a right uppercut to snap Cordina's head back. The challenger smiles at the bell.

SN unofficial scorecard: Cordina 46-48 Cacace

Round 4:Cordina does not look like he’s recovered at all. Cacace gets a right hand around the guard that thuds behind Cordina’s ear. Now the champion responds with a counter right. Anthony Joshua is loving this at ringside. Cacace jab and goes down to the body but Cordina’s left hook is working. Now an overhand right from the Welshman, who then gets caught through the guard. Brilliant back and forth in this one.

SN unofficial scorecard: Cordina 37-38 Cacace

Round 3:Cacace follows some work downstairs was a short right that Cordina seems to feel. The champ talks back. Ohhh, Cacace clatters Cordina with a left hook on the break. Timeout from the referee but they’re back at it and Cordina looks hurt. He is! Cacace wobbles him. Cordina has to hold. Still over a minute to go in the round. Cordina finds the left hook, but there’s a Cacace uppercut and down goes Cordina! Still 30 seconds to go, he’s in almighty trouble as Cacace unloads. Cordina ducks, covers up, Cacace lays it on thick. And there’s the bell. WOW!

SN unofficial scorecard: Cordina 27-29 Cacace

Round 2:More good assertive work from Cacace. A solid right hand, followed by a left hook to the body. Cordina responds by walking his man down. The champion clips Cacace with a nice short right hand, then a chopping left. Still very little to split them.

SN unofficial scorecard: Cordina 19-19 Cacace

Round 1:Cacace looks to take centre-ring. It’s a battle of the jabs early on. Cordina looks for a lead left hook, then goes down to the body nicely. Cacace lands a meaty right to the body of his own although Cordina then times a sharp right over a lazy jab. Success for both men. The challenger might have just edged it.

SN unofficial scorecard: Cordina 9-10 Cacace

11:05 p.m. AST/ 4:05p.m. ET: Here comes our first world title action of the evening. Joe Cordina is ready to defend his IBF super featherweight title against Anto Cacace. We're going round-by round.

10:35 p.m. AST/ 3:35p.m. ET: Six rounds down and this has been wretched from Sanchez so far. The Cuban is boxing with heavy strapping on his right knee and could be compromised by that. The relentless nature of Kabayal's attacks, along with his impressive variety to the body, is making this a hard slog for Sanchez.Oh, and down goes Sanchez in round seven!A minute to go in the round. This is going to be a long, long minute for the Cuban.Down goes Sanchez again, he's not going to make the count! AGIT KABAYAL BEATS FRANK SANCHEZ BY ROUND SEVEN TKO! That a statement performance from the European champion, who is positioning himself very nicely in this exciting heavyweight era.

10:16p.m. AST/ 3:16 p.m. ET:We're into our penultimate heavyweight contest of the evening, With Agit Kabayal and Frank Sanchez in the ring. These two 24-0 fighters were each victorious on the "Day of Reckoning" Saudi card last December. Germany's European champion Kabayal has started assertively through two.

9:38 p.m. AST/ 2:38p.m. ET:We are absolutely racing through this undercard.Teenage heavyweightsensation Moses Itauma has just wrecked Ilja Mezencev inside two rounds. Englishman Itauma has Mike Tyson's record of being the youngest heavyweight champion in history in his sights and just put on another thrilling display to move to 9-0. The 19-year-old moves like a middleweight and hits with power and variety. He had Mezencev, now 25-4, in trouble in the first and inside the first minute of the second, he uncorked a devastating right hook to close the show.

You knew the result before a bell was rung 🧊

Moses Itauma blows Mezencev away inside TWO 😤#FuryUsyk | Live NOW on DAZN! Click link in bio to buy. #RingOfFire | #RiyadhSeason | @Turki_alalshikh pic.twitter.com/ts77e0Qzsc

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9:09 p.m. AST/ 2:09 p.m. ET: Into the ring now is the man known as Turki Alalshikh's favourite fighter. No, don't worry, you're not late for Tyson Fury. British lightweight Mark Chamberlain, who is 15-0 with 11 KOs is into the action.Oh, and there's a first-round knockdown from Chamberlain!Joshua Oluwaseun Wahab is down and down heavily from a straight left hand.Down goes Wahab again under the follow-up assault and that is a brutal first-round KO from Chamberlain!His Nigerian opponent looked to be briefly out cold and is now receiving oxygen at ringside. We hope he's okay after what quickly looked like an ill-advised step up from super featherweight. Nevertheless, that was a statement from Chamberlain, who has almost certainly booked himself a place on another huge Saudi card.

Robin Safar beats Sergey Kovalev by unanimous decision

8:50p.m. AST/ 1:50p.m. ET:Kovalev made it to the final bell... barely. The Krusher was crushed by a booming Safar right hand inside the final 10 seconds. The old warrior instincts saw him return to his feet but I'm not entirely sure Kovalev knew where he was at that point. Once he returns to his senses, he should realise it's time to walk away for good after five years of scant activity. Safar was merciless and composed as he put together a clinical display that moved him to 17-0 and will open doors. One judge had the knockdown making the difference, scoring it 95-94. Hopefully we have nothing so absurd in the main event. The other marginals of 99-90 and 97-92 were more accurate reflections of a sorry ordeal for Kovalev.

🥶#FuryUsyk | Live NOW on DAZN! Click link in bio to buy. #RingOfFire | #RiyadhSeason | @Turki_alalshikh pic.twitter.com/DVQUnqI6YE

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8:30p.m. AST/ 1:30p.m. ET: There are few sadder sights in sport than a once great boxer looking a shadow of their former selves. Not to take anything away from Robin Safar, that's the misery Sergey Kovalev is putting out to the world now. The once-ferocious light-heavyweight ruler looks an old, rusty, timid cruiserweight. Barring any nonsense on the scorecards, Safar is miles in front and beating up his illustrious foe.

Back amongst it after two years out @KrusherKovalev 👊#FuryUsyk | Live NOW on DAZN! Click link in bio to buy. #RingOfFire | #RiyadhSeason | @Turki_alalshikh pic.twitter.com/59dlkubx6J

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7:45p.m. AST/ 12:45 p.m. ET:We've just seen a cruiserweight at the other end of his career to Kovalev. David "The Nice Guy" Nyika has just moved to 9-0 with his eighth KO. He wore a solid right hand during the first round from undefeated German Michael Seitz before working through the gears. From Seitz's point of view, there was certainly nothing particularly nice about how a clinical fourth-round stoppage was meted out.

🎭 David Nyika moves on up in Riyadh 🇸🇦#FuryUsyk | Live NOW on DAZN! Click link in bio to buy.#RingOfFire | #RiyadhSeason | @Turki_alalshikh pic.twitter.com/Dnw7gRHPlU

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7:00 p.m. AST/ 12:00 p.m. ET: Sergey Kovalev is in action in Riyadh shortly. A decade ago, the former unified light heavyweight champion was one of the most feared men in boxing. However, "Krusher" has only fought once since his 2019 defeat to Canelo Alvarez, a unanimous decision win over Tervel Pulev on his crusierwiehgt debut 12 months ago. Now 41, Kovalev has designs on world titles at 200 lbs, namely WBA champion Zurdo Ramirez. To keep those ambitions on track, he must get the better of RobinSafar, an undefeated Swede fighting out of Las Vegas.

Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk fight updates, results as Ukrainian seals undisputed greatness with split decision victory | Sporting News (2)

6:30 p.m. AST/ 11:30 a.m. ET:Both Team Fury and Team Usyk are already in the win column after the beginning of the preliminary action at the Kingdom Arena. Fury's cousin Isaac Lowe (25-2-3, 8 KOs) made it four wins in succession at as he dropped Hasibullah Ahmadi in the eighth before closing out a 10-round points decision. Light-heavyweight prospect Daniel Lapin, one of Usyk's training partners moved to 10-0 (4 KOs) as he dispatched Octavio Pudivitr within a round, possibly leaving his opponent with a broken nose in the process.


What a finish in the first round from the Ukrainian 💥#FuryUsyk | Live NOW on DAZN! Click link in bio to buy.#RingOfFire | #RiyadhSeason | @Turki_alalshikh pic.twitter.com/eapFvcNYh3

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6:00 p.m. AST/ 11:00 a.m. ET: Hello and welcome to The Sporting News' live coverage of Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk. For the first time in almost a quarter of a century, an undisputed heavyweight champion will be crowned. Or it could be draw. The first fight between Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield was, after all.

Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk fight updates, results as Ukrainian seals undisputed greatness with split decision victory | Sporting News (3)

Richard Pelham/ Getty Images

What time is Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk today?

  • Event start time: 11a.m. ET | 10a.m. CT | 8a.m. PT
  • Main event start time: approx. 6 p.m. ET | 5 p.m. CT | 3 p.m. PT

The card starts at 6 p.m. local time (11 a.m. ET). Fury and Usyk should make their way to the ring around 1 a.m. local time (6 p.m. ET), depending on how long the undercard fights last.

Here's a breakdown of Fury vs. Ngannou start times worldwide:

RegionDateStart TimeMain Event Ring Walks (approx.)
Saudi Arabia (local)Saturday, May 186 p.m. AST1a.m. AST
USA and Canada (ET)Saturday, May 1811 a.m. ET6p.m. ET
USA and Canada (CT)Saturday, May 1810 a.m. CT5 p.m. CT
USA and Canada (PT)Saturday, May 188 a.m. PT3p.m. PT
Puerto RicoSaturday, May 1811 a.m. EDT7 p.m. EDT
UK and IrelandSaturday, May 184 p.m. BST11p.m. BST
South AfricaSaturday, May 185 p.m. SAST12 a.m. SAST
IndiaSaturday, May 188:30 p.m. IST4:30 a.m. IST
PhilippinesSaturday, May 1811 p.m. PST7 a.m. PST
AustraliaSunday, May 191 a.m. AEST9 a.m. AEDT
New ZealandSunday, May 193 a.m. NZST11 a.m. NZST

Howto watch Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk: TV channel, live stream

In the U.S.,Fury vs.Usyk will be available on DAZN and ESPN+ PPV. It is available viaTNT Sports Box Office in the U.K.

RegionTV channelLive streaming
United StatesDAZN PPV, ESPN+ PPV,PPV.com
UK and IrelandTNT Sports Box Office, DAZN PPV
AustraliaDAZN PPV

Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr UsykPPV price

  • PPV price on DAZN and ESPN+: $69.99
  • PPV price onTNT Sports PPV:£24.99
  • DAZN monthly subscription:$19.99 on a 12-month contract or $24.99 month-to-month in U.S./ $24.99 per month in Canada/ £9.99 in the U.K. on a 12-month contract, or £19.99 month-to-month/ 13.99 AUD in Australia.
  • DAZN annual subscription: $224.99 in the U.S., $199.99 in Canada, and £99.99 in the U.K.

WATCH:Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk in the USA on ESPN+

Tyson Fury vs.Oleksandr Usyk fight card

Bouts and order subject to change

  • Tyson Fury (c) vs. Oleksandr Usyk (c) for the IBF, WBA, WBC, WBO, and The Ring heavyweight titles
  • Jai Opetaia def. Mairis Briedis (UD 12) to winthe IBF cruiserweight title
  • Anthony Cacace def. Joe Cordina (c) (TKO 8/12) to win theIBF super featherweight title
  • Agit Kabayel def. Frank Sanchez (TKO 7/12) ; Heavyweights
  • Moses Itauma def. Ilja Mezencev (TKO 2/10); Heavyweights
  • Mark Chamberlain def. Joshua OluwaseunWahab (KO 1/10); Lightweights
  • Robin Safar def. Sergey Kovalev (UD 10); Cruiserweights
  • David Nyika def. Michael Seitz (4/10 TKO); Cruiserweights
  • Daniel Lapin def. Octavio Pudivitr (KO 1/10); Light Heavyweights
  • Isaac Lowe def. Hasibullah Ahmadi (PTS 10); Featherweights
Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk fight updates, results as Ukrainian seals undisputed greatness with split decision victory | Sporting News (2024)


Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk fight updates, results as Ukrainian seals undisputed greatness with split decision victory | Sporting News? ›

Oleksandr Usyk

Oleksandr Usyk
Boxing record

As an amateur boxer, Usyk won heavyweight gold medals at the 2011 World Championships and 2012 Olympics, He turned professional in 2013, and won the undisputed cruiserweight championship in his 15th professional fight in 2018.
https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Oleksandr_Usyk
beat Tyson Fury via split decision
split decision
A split decision (SD) is a winning criterion in boxing, most commonly in full-contact combat sports, in which two of the three judges score one particular competitor as the winner, while the third judge scores for the other competitor. A split decision is different from a majority decision.
https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Split_decision
on Saturday, handing the Briton the first loss of his professional career and becoming undisputed heavyweight champion
. The scorecards in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, read 115-112 to Usyk, 114-113 to Fury, and 114-113 to Usyk.

Who won Tyson Fury vs Usyk tonight? ›

Oleksandr Usyk is now the undisputed heavyweight champion after outpointing Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia. The fight turned in many directions, but after Usyk forced a count in round nine, he took over to win a split decision.

Is Oleksandr Usyk undisputed champion? ›

He has held the undisputed championship in two weight classes, at cruiserweight and heavyweight, and is the reigning undisputed world heavyweight champion since May 2024. He has also held the International Boxing Organization (IBO) title since 2021, and the Ring magazine title since 2022.

Is Tyson Fury undefeated? ›

Is Tyson Fury still undefeated? Tyson Fury still remains undefeated. His record to date from 35 fights is 34 wins, 1 draw and 0 losses, with 24 knockouts (KOs). The draw was against Deontay Wilder back in January 2018.

How to watch Fury vs Usyk Sky? ›

You can buy the Fury vs. Usyk fight for £25 via Sky Sports Box Office. You'll be able to tune in via Sky Q, Sky Plus, the Sky Sports Box Office app and website, as well as Virgin TV and BT TV.

Why is Usyk losing the belt? ›

The reason being that Filip Hrgovic is the mandatory challenger for that belt, and a Fury-Usyk rematch would go against the stipulation that Hrgovic is entitled to fight Usyk instead of Fury.

Is Tyson Fury The Undisputed World champion? ›

Oleksandr Usyk has become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world after defeating British boxing star Tyson Fury. The Ukrainian won on a split decision following the match in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Usyk had 115-112 and 114-113 on two cards, while Fury took the other 114-113.

How many punches did Usyk land on Fury? ›

The Morecambe brawler threw more punches throughout the fight with 496 thrown. However, he only landed 157, while Usyk threw 407 but was able to land 170.

Has Tyson ever lost? ›

Over the course of his 58 fights, Tyson suffered five knockout losses, three of which occurred in title fights. These losses, particularly the highly publicized defeat to Buster Douglas in 1990, marked significant turning points in Tyson's career.

How heavy is Tyson Fury? ›

How much did Tyson Fury make in his last fight? ›

Two judges scored the fight for Usyk, while a third scored it 114-113 to Fury. Tyson Fury is expected to have earned a whopping £80 million from his fight, having reached an agreement in 2023 with a 70/30 split in favour of Fury.

Has there ever been an undisputed champion in boxing? ›

An undisputed champion is a fighter who holds all four major championship belts (IBF, WBA, WBC and WBO) in a division. During the four-belt era, there have now been nine undisputed champions in men's boxing: Bernard Hopkins (Middleweight) Jermain Taylor (Middleweight)

Did Mike Tyson go undisputed? ›

After some negotiations, the heavyweight title was unified in the heavyweight unification series, a series of coordinated bouts in 1986 and 1987, with Mike Tyson emerging as the first undisputed champion (WBA, WBC, and IBF) since Leon Spinks in 1978.


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