One Time and Recurring Payments | Zoho Checkout (2024)

Zoho Checkout is designed with you in mind. Build a custom, branded payment page in a matter of minutes and start accepting payments right away.


Get paid via personalized payment pages in three simple steps.


Build a secure payment page without writing a single line of code. We handle the coding and hosting so you don't have to.

  • Enter the collection amount, or let your customers decide.

  • Choose from our ready-to-use professional templates.

  • Choose between one-time or recurring payments.

  • Configure intervals, dates, and duration for recurring payments.


Make your own payment pages. Fine-tune the look and feel of the page to offer your customers a seamless brand experience.

  • Custom tailor labels and fields based on your industry.

  • Preview the changes, and make your page live.

  • Design down to the finest detail with custom fonts, colors, and background images.

  • Embed your company logo to build brand awareness.


Whether it's a one-time or a recurring transaction, take the hassle out of collecting payments.

  • Connect with a payment gateway and start accepting easy online payments.

  • Resolve failed recurring transactions by automatically retrying declined cards.

Fluid mobile interface

Allow your customers to make payments on the move. Our payment pages are tailored to fit any screen and are equally responsive across all devices

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Why Zoho Checkout is the preferred online payments solution

  • Provide a secure way to pay.

    With Zoho Checkout, we take care of your key security needs through SSL encryption. Your customers' credit card information is fully protected and they can safely make payments using our PCI compliant pages.

  • Send customized thank you notes.

    Get notified whenever a donor makes a payment or a client pays a bill. Send personalized notes to acknowledge their payments and show appreciation for their patronage.

  • Know where your business stands.

    Run real-time analytics on successful payments, and find out how much money you've made. Follow up on lost opportunities, and recover revenue that might have otherwise slipped through the cracks.

  • Experience reliable support.

    Zoho Checkout has a dedicated support team to help you with any questions. You can call us 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, or simply drop us an email to experience support at its best.

Our customer success stories

"We are an NGO trying to provide quality education for all. It's crucial for us to ensure the donation process is easy and secure for the donors. This is where Zoho Checkout helps us-it is the backbone of our donation management."

Karthee Vidya

Founder, Team Everest

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Expand your capabilities with these powerful integrations

Reach the masses

Run effective marketing campaigns by integrating your Zoho Checkout payment pages with Zoho Campaigns or MailChimp.

Campaigns MailChimp

Get instant alerts

Zoho Checkout integrates with popular business communication platforms like Zoho Cliq and Slack. Get regular notifications for all transactions.

Cliq Slack

Manage your accounts

Zoho Checkout and Zoho Books are seamlessly integrated, ensuring that your payment collections, tax handling, and accounting operations are synced.


Choose your favorite payment gateway

Zoho Checkout offers several secure payment integrations. Make the payment process frictionless by letting your clients pay through their trusted gateways.

More Integrations

Simple, affordable pricing plans


$0Per Organization/MonthBilled Annually


Enjoy Checkout for free!


$29Per Organization/MonthBilled Annually


Enjoy all features of Checkout with multiple payment gateways.

The ideal online payment solution for:

  • Nonprofits

    Make online donations a breeze. Allow donors to choose the contribution amount and frequency at checkout.

    Learn More
  • Training Institutes

    Running a training center? Accept one-time and recurring fees online from your students.

    Learn More
    • Churches
    • Retail & E-Commerce
    • Web Development
    • Branding & Marketing
    • Health Clubs
Start accepting one-time and recurring online payments today!



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One Time and Recurring Payments | Zoho Checkout (2024)


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