New Komatsu 855-3 Forwarder for Sale | New Equipment | Kirby-Smith (2024)

New Komatsu 855-3 Forwarder for Sale | New Equipment | Kirby-Smith (1)

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New Komatsu 855-3 Forwarder for Sale

Tackle tough forestry jobs with confidence using Komatsu wheeled harvesters, forwarders, log loaders, swing machines, felling heads and harvesting heads. Forestry work is often in the most rugged terrain and brutal conditions — and Komatsu forestry equipment is engineered for the task.

Equip your operators to drive productivity day after day in this 14-metric-ton class forwarder that features power, nimbleness and smart features. Hydraulic retarder overspeed protection ensures the driveline won't run too fast, and the flat FlexGate headboard increases load space.

The Komatsu 855 makes it easy to deliver. With its power, nimbleness and smart solutions, the Komatsu 855 is a forwarder that offers you longterm productivity in all situations

  • Choose the right machine for the job with four load-capacity options
  • Drive high productivity with powerful cranes and rugged FlexBunks
  • Tackle the roughest terrain with powerful hydrostatic transmission and high ground clearance

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient loading: Match the machine to the job with a variety of load capacities — 12, 14, 16 or 20 metric tons — and several frame-length options. Designed for smooth and precise operation. Rugged cranes have a long reach and excellent lifting and slewing torque.
  • Smooth, fast transport: Maneuver with confidence in the most rugged forests, even when fully loaded. Chassis and suspensions are designed for performance under demanding conditions. Komatsu Comfort Bogie axles with a high portal offset and V-shaped frames provide some of the highest ground clearance in the industry.
  • Operator comfort: Operator comfort is key to your productivity. Spacious and open, our cab provides fantastic visibility, ergonomic controls and a seat that delivers all-day comfort. Optional Comfort Ride suspension provides added comfort and capabilities.
  • Powerful yet efficient: Maximize performance with high power and torque while driving efficiency with a fuel-efficient engine. A sophisticated control system automatically adapts to changes in engine load.
  • Technology-driven traction: Get exceptional tractive force thanks to an intelligent hydrostatic transmission system that considers machine load, terrain conditions, power and torque output. Hydraulic retarder overspeed protection on the 875-1 and 895-2 models ensures the driveline won't run too fast.
  • Customize your controls: Give operators the benefit of machine controls they can fine-tune for sensitivity and speed or smoothness and accuracy – whatever the job demands. Our state-of-the-art MaxiXplorer/MaxiXT system monitors and controls everything from engine and crane to the transmission and service ladders.
  • Easy to maintain: Less time servicing means more time forwarding. Maintenance is quickly and easily completed with a service-friendly design featuring an electronically powered tilting hood. All filters are located together for easy access under the hood.
  • Overcome climbing obstacles: When you need to do ground or stump leveling on tough terrain, an optional heavy-duty stacking blade is available. Mounted with a high angle of departure for climbing obstacles, there’s no interference between blade, battery boxes or hood guard.
  • Options for added benefit: Multiple options are available to enhance your productivity and comfort, including bunk wideners, rear- and front-view video cameras, computer touchscreen and electric fuel fill pump.
  • Cold weather starting: Don’t lose valuable time when the temperatures drop. A standard diesel heater system heats the engine coolant, hydraulic oil and the batteries to facilitate cold-weather starting on the 845-1, 855-3, 875-1 and 895-2.
Cab Several alternative seat options. Ergonomically designed with headrest, armrests, hand controllers and waist safety belt. Depending on seat selection, different options are available for individual adjustment of the seat cushion, backrest and lumbar support. Seat column with 0–180° working range.
Windows: Polycarbonate windows throughout.
Heating/ventilation: Fully automatic heating and cooling unit, ACC. Filtered intake air
Other: Windscreen wipers and washers on windscreen and rear window. Fire extinguisher, 2 kg (standard in EEA countries in compliance with applicable EU Directive).
Frame Type Several rear frame options. Frame with smooth V-shaped bottom made of high-strength steel. Sturdy balanced portal bogie. Damping bogie stops. Towing points front and rear
Load Bunk Mounted on runners, movable.
Grapple Komatsu G28
Crane Tip ProTec
Length 33’1” (w/shortest rear frame)
5’11” (front axle to middle joint)
10’10” (w/shortest rear frame, middle joint to rear axle)
Width 8’11” (with 600/55x26,5 tires)
9’8” (with 710/45x26,5 tires)
Weight 36,156 lbs. (6WD)
39,683 lbs. (8WD)
Ground Clearance 1’10” (6WD) at steering coupling
2’1” (8WD) at steering coupling
Steering Angle ±42°
Transport Height 12’9” (hoses included and with tire compression)
Reach Komatsu Loader 130F: 26’3”/32’10”
Bunk Area 6.3-63.5 sq. ft. depending on options and market
Stroke Volume 1.7 Gallons
Engine Make 66 AWF
Engine Type Diesel engine w/turbo and intercooler. EU Stage IV and EPA Tier 4 Final
Horsepower 228 HP
Hydraulic Capacity 31 Gallons
Rotator G121 ProTec and slewing dampened link
Drive Speed 0-5/12.4 mph (terrain/road) (max speed with steering wheel)
Engine Displacement 1.7 Gallons
Fuel Capacity 42.3 Gallons
Working Pressure 3,771 PSI
Transmission Computer-controlled, hydrostatic mechanical transmission. 6/8-wheel drive. Transfer case with 2 positions (high and low). Disengageable drive operation. Differential locks front and rear.
Cylinders 6
Torque 950 Nm at 1,500 RPM
Hydraulic System Single-circuit load-sensing system with variable piston pump.
Hydraulic Flow 74 gpm at 2,000 rpm
Brakes Fully hydraulic multi-disc brakes. Hydraulic accumulator charging valve.
Driving brakes/ Multi-disc brakes in oil bath.
Working brake: Automatically/manually engaged when working.
Parking brake: Spring-action brake with electro-hydraulic control. Emergency brake.
Braking performance: Conforms to ISO 11169 and VVFS 2003:17.
Steering Hydraulic articulated joint with two dual-acting hydraulic cylinders.
Lever steering: Load-sensing (LS) proportional steering with steering rocker.
Electric steering: Finger-controlled miniature steering wheel on right armrest.
Generator 2 x 100 A
Loading Capacity 30,856 lbs.
Tractive Force 42,038 lbf.
Slewing Torque Komatsu Loader 130F: 21,168 lbs.-ft.
AdBlue Tank Capacity 9.2 Gallons
Gross Bunk Load 30,865 lbs.
Lifting Torque Komatsu Loader 130F: 93,670 lbs.-ft.
Load Gates Komatsu FlexGate; hydraulic, flexible, full-height gate in fixed or hydraulically manoeuvrable version.
Voltage 24 V
Battery Capacity 2 x 180 Ah
  • MaxiXT control and information system
    • Fully integrated machine control system, CAN-based, with intelligence in the crane, engine and transmission, for optimum performance and fuel consumption
    • Production follow-up system for forwarders. Registers timber deliveries (assortments) and roadside wood pile locations. Delivery selection using hand controller buttons.
    • Optional ProTec Scale crane scale system. Automatic and highly accurate weighing. Compact scale link with hose routing through the link.
    • Easy-to-use operator interface. High-performance PC with Windows operating system, SSD hard drive, touchscreen selection and data backup function. Antivirus software.
    • Comfort Controls. Ergonomic joysticks of various types with extensive functionality.
  • Other Equipment
    • Transmission: SpeedShift, over-revving protection.
    • Frames/Axles: Front blade, bogie lift, extra sealing on articulated frame.
    • Cab/Ergonomics:
      • Komatsu Comfort Ride (cab suspension)
      • Radio with Bluetooth and hands-free support
      • Seat column with 220° working range
      • MediaZone
    • Bunk: Bunk widening, hydraulic height-adjustable stakes coupled to first load bunk with gate and separating supports.
    • Crane and grapple: Alternative grapple models. Crane tilt. ProTec Scale, crane scale, SmartFlow.
    • Lighting: Working lights (LED), variations of extra working lights (LED), driving lights on rear bunk and separate mount by tow bar (LED). Driving lights, front (LED)
    • Sprinkler system. Fully automatic water-based fire extinguishing. Conforms to SBF 127.
    • Hand-held fire extinguishers. 2 x 6 kg ABE-3. Dry powder fire extinguishers.
    • Diesel heater. 9 kW with timer. Hydraulic oil heater.
    • Biodegradable hydraulic oil.
    • Tracks, chains.
    • Extra water separator (diesel).
    • Tool box with tools (heated in engine compartment).
    • Central lubrication.
    • Reversing camera, rear (standard in EEA countries in compliance with applicable EU Directive).
    • Reversing camera, front.
    • Vacuum pump.
    • Wear guard and chain guard for bogie casings.
    • Service ladder at hydraulic tank (standard in EEA countries in compliance with applicable EU Directive).
    • Front guard.
    • Remote control for central locking (Europe only).

*Price, if shown, is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and does not include government fees, taxes, dealer freight/preparation, dealer document preparation charges or any finance charges (if applicable). MSRP and/or final actual sales price will vary depending on options or accessories selected.

New Equipment Sales only available in assigned territories where Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc. is a licensed distributor. Not all manufacturer's brands available at each location. Please contact your local Kirby-Smith branch if you have questions regarding availability.

Main Technical Specifications
MAKE Komatsu
MODEL 855-3

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New Komatsu 855-3 Forwarder for Sale | New Equipment | Kirby-Smith (2024)


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