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Yes, you can! How to buy a bag on the Hermes website?

Table of Contents

  1. Yes, you can! How to buy a bag on the Hermes website?
  2. The History of the Hermès bags:
  3. Hermès’ Website
  4. What can you buy on Hermès’ Website
  5. So, where do you go to shop on
  6. What happens if blocks you?
  7. 6 Tips to score a bag online on Hermès’ Website

The History of the Hermès bags:

The inception of Hermès was in1837when Thierry Hermès founded a harness workshop in Paris. Hermès started out on a mission to create the finest equestrian leather goods for European nobles.

The brand didn’t end up selling their iconic bag’s until1922, and it wasn’t until 1956 when Hermès started gaining momentum and being known as one of the most lust after bag manufactures – This was when Hollywood actress, turned Monaco Princess, Grace Kelly wore one of the brands bags to hide her pregnancy bump. Soon after, women were flooding to their local store asking for the ‘Kelly’ bag.

Nowadays, Hermès is synonym with luxury and quality. Their handbags are one of the most coveted in the world, with people going to extremes to buy one, or paying a huge mark-up for pre-loved bags.

Hermès’ Website

If you don’t have a relationship with a Hermès sales associate that can grant you every Hermès wish, nor do you want to pay over retail for a bag – there’s a solution for you. The website actually sells handbags that you can just add to cart and buy. Albeit, not the most popular ones (no Birkins and Kellys unfortunately), but they do have a few sought after bags. In true Hermès fashion, buying a bag online is not easy either – but follow these tips and you’ll be one step closer to buying a Hermès bag online.

What can you buy on Hermès’ Website

As we mentioned, you cannot buy the highly coveted Hermès Kelly or Birkin bags on However, there’s quite a list on things that you can buy on their website. These are the following bags that can be available to purchase on their website:

  • Picotin
  • Lindy
  • Constance Long To Go Wallet
  • Geta Bag
  • Ruolis Mini Bag
  • Bridado Backpack
  • Herbag
  • Garden Party
  • Evelyne

All of these bags can be available on – however, if you just go to the website right now, you’re probably not going to see any of these bags. That is because there’s a very short time frame from a bag becoming available to it being sold out. It seems like there’s maximum 5-10 minutes in a day where you can see the bag drops, otherwise it looks like nothing was added.

Or worse, you see your dream Hermès bag, it looks like it’s available because the “add to cart” button is right there, but when you try to buy it, it shows that “the selected object is no longer available”. Unfortunately, this happens quite often and there’s not much you can do about it. You can always try refreshing see if it suddenly became available, but in our experience this happens because the bags are selling out so fast that the website cannot keep up so it shows the item available for purchase when it isn’t.

So, where do you go to shop on

There’s basically two ways:

  1. You click on Menu (left of the page), then Bags and Small leather goods. Here is the direct link
  2. You search for “bags” in the Search Bar. Here is the direct link

What happens if blocks you?

This might not be something you expect or thought about, but might actually block you if they deem your activity on the website as suspicious. I was actually blocked after clicking on “add to cart” quickly and many times in a row. Apparently, is trying to deter bots so they are very strict with things like clicking too fast and on too many pages. I was just so excited and really hoping to get that Picotin that apparently I had supernatural, bot like speed. The good news is that the ban only lasted a few hours, maximum a day and then I could browse and shop on again.

If this happens to you, don’t worry – it’s not permanent. You just have to be a little patient and you’ll be able to shop on the website again.

6 Tips to score a bag online on Hermès’ Website

I have scored two bags on the Hermes’ website and I have friends who managed to score as well – so we put together a little list that can help you as well. Just remember, nothing is guaranteed – so enjoy the hunt.

That being said, here are our top 6 tips for buying a coveted bag on

  1. Check the website often – and we mean often. It was almost ingrained in me to check in my lunch break, coffee break, water break – any kind of break was a “check if there has been a drop break”. We recommend you bookmark the link on your computer’s and phone’s browser – so it literally just takes 1 second to check it. We also recommend checking at different times of the day – we noticed that most drops were between 5 AM and 3PM PST, but it’s not a hard rule. That being said, do not let it control your life – it should be a relatively fun hunt, so take a break if you feel like it’s too much.
  2. Check both the “Bags and Small leather goods” page as well as search in search bar for “bags”. Sometimes, when you use the search bar you can find things that are not yet available on the other page
  3. Create an account on and have Apple Pay ready. It’s much easier if you already have an account on Hermes’ website with your information ready to go: name and address. Theoretically, you can also save your credit card information on your account, but we found Apple Pay much better and faster.
  4. Know your Wishlist. Have a list in your head with what you want to buy: which bags, which sizes and which colors. If you see any bags online you’re just not going to have time to think about them. You have to act really fast (as in seconds) and decide if you want to buy them or not and in which colors/hardware etc.
  5. If you have added a bag to your cart and it’s unavailable once you’re trying to pay for it – wait a few seconds a try again. It might be that bots are trying to purchase the bag, and if they fail you have another chance to pay for it. Keep your hopes high – this has happened to me and I managed to buy it.
  6. If you have friends or family in Europe or in any other place that operates, check those pages as well. On the top right page you can change the country and browse the inventory there. If you find something available, you can ship it to your friend/family member. Of course you need to talk to them beforehand and get their permission and exact address.

Here we have it, our top tips on how to buy a bag on Hermes’ website. Have you tried and/or succeeded to score on If so, we’d love to hear your tips and tricks.

If you’re not about to play the and just want to buy your coveted Hermes bag – check out or picks from Fashionphile.


How To Buy A Hermes Bag Directly On Hermes' Website - Luxe Front (2024)


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