DIY Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home (2024)

Spring decor ideas for inside and outside your home. Home decor ideas and DIY spring crafts to decorate your home and porch

According to the calendar, we have to wait 2 more weeks for the ‘official’ start of Spring. But in my neck of the woods, the southeastern coast of the US, spring has been making a few hits and runs. It will be beautiful and 70° one day, and then rainy and high in the 40°’s the next. That’s O.K….with each sunrise we get that much closer to full-on spring meaning it’s time to start noodling spring decor ideas for the home!

If you’re like me, the arrival of spring is defined by the new, green growth that begins to burst everywhere. This year, I ‘nudged’ spring along a bit by forcing some of the green growth we’re all craving about now, I wanted to have bursts of green growth to decorate both inside and out the house.

I needed a new planter on my front porch to replace one that had seen better days. Ifound a great cement one but it was the wrong color. Not one to let a minor color change deter me, I brought this planter home and gave it a light wash in a grayish black to work with the rest of the planters on my front porch.

Once the planter was the color I wanted, I filled it with dirt, a cute little English Daisy I found at Lowe’s and sprinkled the dirt with Kentucky Fescue seeds, which is a great cool weather grass.

At the same time, I decided to fill another white concrete pot with just spouted tulip bulbs, potting soil and more seeds. I figured this would be perfect spring decoration inside my home once spouted.

And because the ‘grow thing’s bug bit me hard that day, I also planted sprinkled some grass seeds over some dirt in one of my grandmother’s teacups. MUST.GROW.THINGS!

I put both pots inside, under grow lights and after 2 weeks, they look like this, after a bit of a haircut. The little teacup would be perfect at an Easter Dinner table. If you started in the next couple of days, kept your seeds moist and under grow lights, you could easily have these for your Easter table.

This pot, with it’s blooming tulips, is perfect just about anywhere, but I’m loving it in my living room in front of a nice, bright window. I made the little nest with some Spanish moss I pulled from a nearby tree (the stuff grows prolifically here in the southeast) and some moss from an earlier project.

I couldn’t resist adding my Grandma’s porcelain elf to my tulip pot. This elf normally sits on my kitchen windowsill, but often makes his way into my spring decor. He’s a little chipped in places, but he without a doubt, one of my favorite things.

I was also excited to do something fun with this great chipped plant stand I found right before Christmas.

I put poinsettias in it for my deck at Christmas time, but it’s been sitting empty since then. I found this 24″ plastic rectangular planter that would fit perfectly in the planter and would also be the perfect size3 gerber daisy plants.

To dress the planter a bit, I wrapped it in a sheet of moss and tied it with twine. I found ‘spool’s of moss at my local Michaels…and they were 50% off!

The sunny gerber daisies (which are cold hardy to 32°) in the planter make a bright and cheery welcome at my side door.

And wrapping the planter in moss is an easy way to camouflage a rather utilitarian, but non-descript, planter.

My big question, is what to do with the planter. I love the chippy/rusted-ness of it, but it is rather lost against my off-white brick. Suggestions?

The little ‘verdigris’ bunny was my last little DIY spring project. This ceramic bunny has worn many cloaks. It started out as an off-white bunny probably 10 years ago. Shortly thereafter I painted it silver. Then it went black (yeah…not sure what I was thinking on that one) for a brief period before it went silver again.

It’s current ‘coat’ is entirely the result of the declutter I recently did in my attic. I came across some unopened bottles that I remember purchasing while I lived in Nashville (we left there 13 years ago, which gives you a sense of how long they’ve been up there!). The bottles were Copper Topper and Patina Green and upon their discovery, I decided to find something on which I couldtry them out and Bunny just sorta hollered ‘Me, Me, Me!’

It was actually a fun process to watch the transformation from silver to verdigris. The first step, painting her copper, made her look like a big chocolate Easter bunny!

So, my front door, my side door and some spots in my home look a little ‘spring-ier’ thanks to the recent ‘spring-i-fication’. But I have to say that my soul feels a little ‘spring-ier’ too. The moral of this story is… if you’re looking for some spring decor ideas for your home, find some grass seeds, some spring plants, a few DIY spring projects and nudge spring along a wee bit.

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DIY Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home (20)
DIY Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home (21)
DIY Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home (22)
DIY Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home (2024)


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