10 Essential Items to Thrift for Spring Home Decor (2024)

As the days grow longer and the first blooms of spring grace our day-to-day, it's the perfect time to breathe new life into your home decor. So what is it you should be keeping an eye out for when it comes to revitalizing your spring home decor? Be sure to read on for my tips on what to pay attention to when you’re thrifting for spring!

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Table Linens in Floral Patterns and Spring Colors

With our fingers crossed for spring on the horizon, it’s only natural we’re on the lookout for ways to bring that spring vibe indoors. When you’re thrifting for spring home decor, keep your eyes peeled for table linens with lovely floral patterns or linens in colors that really emphasize that spring. Is. Here!

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Tea Cups and Glassware for Spring Hosting

One of the joys of thrift shopping lies in unearthing unique pieces with a story to tell. Hunt for vintage tea cups in an endless array of patterns and colors. Whether it's delicate floral designs or pastel hues reminiscent of a spring garden, these cups can become the focal point of your tea table. Mix and match for an eclectic touch that adds personality to your hosting setup.

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Baskets for Floral Arrangements

Explore local thrift shops for woven wonders that provide a rustic and charming backdrop for vibrant spring plants. From vintage picnic baskets to intricately crafted containers, each find adds a touch of uniqueness to your DIY floral displays. Embrace the art of thrifting to discover the perfect basket to complement your blossoming botanicals. Transforming your home into a haven of natural beauty has never been more affordable and delightful!

If you’re looking for a way to easily transform the cutest baskets into the perfect floral arrangement, be sure to check out How to Create an Easy Spring Centerpiece with a Basket.

Vases + Other Mother’s Day Gifts

While you’re out shopping for some new spring home decor inspiration, why not keep Mother’s Day in mind? Dive into some thrift store treasures, discover elegant vases to house a bouquet of your mom’s favorite flowers. Unearth vintage gems that might carry a touch of nostalgia or opt for modern, minimalist styles to suit her taste.

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Beyond vases, explore eclectic finds like decorative trinkets, framed art, or charming ceramics for a personalized touch. With thrifting, each discovery becomes a unique expression of love, turning Mother's Day into a celebration of shared memories and cherished moments.

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Easter Decor That Can Be Upcycled

Transform your space into an Easter wonderland with thrifting treasures waiting for a creative touch. Hunt for second-hand gems like wooden frames, candle holders, or ceramic figurines. With a splash of paint or a touch of decoupage, these upcycled finds can easily become charming Easter decor.

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From personalized egg displays to whimsical centerpieces, thrifted items provide a budget-friendly canvas for your DIY magic. Embrace the joy of giving old items new life, infusing your home with unique Easter charm that's as sustainable as it is fun.

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There are a lot of different products useful for giving a thrifted item new life. Here’s my top 5!

Lightweight Throws and Pillows

Use your next thrifting opportunity to find bright and colorful throws and pillows to add a pop of color to your living spaces. Keep an eye out for lightweight materials suitable for the warmer weathers ahead.

Like I’ve discussed, pastel hues and floral patterns are a great way to inject some seasonal flair into your spring home decor. Play with textures and secondhand textiles to create a comfy and stylish living space.

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Outdoor Furniture

Your spring home decor doesn’t have to just be all about the indoors. From vintage wrought iron chairs to rustic wooden tables, thrifted pieces help bring character to your garden or patio. Take advantage of the creativity DIY-ing offers by repainting or refinishing these finds, transforming them into personalized outdoor sanctuaries.You can also look for garden pieces like the arbor and cupula shown in our rose garden below!

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Discovering second-hand treasures not only adds a touch of sustainability but also allows you to curate a unique al fresco space that reflects your style. Uncover the beauty of thrifting and watch your outdoor oasis thrive!

Planters for Spring Plants + Starting to Collect Planters for Summer

As nature awakens and greenery takes center stage, why not bring the outdoors in with thrifted planters for your spring and summer botanical companions? Explore local thrift stores for unique vessels that add character to your growing collection. From charming terracotta pots to vintage ceramic planters, each thrifted find tells a story.

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Begin your journey to a lush home oasis by discovering planters that not only nurture your flourishing plants but also add a touch of DIY charm to your seasonal decor. Embrace the joy of thrifting and watch your indoor garden bloom with personality.

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Once you’ve got plants, it’s important to take care of them the right way. Learn more about helping your outdoor potted plants flourish!

Wall Art

Highlight your personality and unique taste in art by keeping an eye out for wall art pieces that might complement your spring home decor. Whether you’re looking for vintage paintings, eclectic prints, or modern pieces, thrift stores can be a really great place to find something budget-friendly that really speaks to you. Refinish old or worn frames with a touch of paint or maintain the aesthetic of the original frame for added rustic ambiance.

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Learn how to give a thrift store frame a high end makeover here!

Linen and Cotton Fabrics

Explore local thrift shops for hidden textile treasures—think vintage tablecloths, delicate curtains, or even fabric remnants. These breathable materials are perfect for spring and can be repurposed into pillow covers, table runners, or unique wall hangings. Thrifted fabrics not only add a touch of history to your decor but can help open the door to endless creative textile combinations!

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Craving Spring Home Decor Inspiration?

When it comes to elevating your spring home decor, thrifting has got you covered! If you’re looking for any more spring-focused inspiration, check out my seasonal spring blogs.

xoxo, L

10 Essential Items to Thrift for Spring Home Decor (2024)


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  6. Make sure you're in the mood. ...
  7. Go with a friend who's also keen on thrifting. ...
  8. Don't go hungry.


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